You deserve to walk like yourself again.

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Get to know the distinguished surgeon who’s revolutionizing his field and transforming his patients’ lives.

Meet Dr. Blitz

“Let’s get you back in your shoes, and back on your feet – fast.”

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS

16k+ Surgeries

Dr. Blitz has performed thousands of bunion and other foot and ankle surgery procedures.

17+ Years

With more than 17 years of expertise in bunion surgery, he’s renowned in his field.

50+ Global cities

Loyal patients travel from all over the world to receive treatment through his fly-in program.



Minimally invasive bunion surgery, with a walking recovery.

Also known as plastic surgery for bunions, the Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure is a revolutionary bunion surgery developed by Dr. Blitz. With tiny incisions and advanced technology, it gets patients back on their feet quickly – No Casts No Crutches®. Today, Dr. Blitz performs the Bunionplasty® procedure in NYC and Beverly Hills.

All Procedures

Foot & Ankle Procedures

Extensive experience in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.

Dr. Blitz is more than just a top bunion surgeon. He’s a pioneer in his field, with expertise in a wide variety of reconstructive foot and ankle procedures, from tarsal coalition surgery, hammer toe surgery (The Glamour Toe Procedure®), Achilles tendon surgery, and flat foot surgery to foot and ankle fractures and sports-related surgeries.

Get to Know Dr. Blitz

Get to know Dr. Neal Blitz

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS, is a renowned foot and ankle surgeon who’s reinventing the field of bunion repair surgery.

He has practices in NYC and Beverly Hills – and delighted patients around the globe. He developed a better way to Be Bunion Free® by creating the Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure, then founded Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center to deliver an elevated surgical experience. He’s a compassionate clinician who instantly puts people at ease – because he puts their needs first.

Telehealth & Fly-In Program

Coast-to-coast and beyond

The Dr. Blitz experience: Telehealth and fly-in surgery.

Patients don’t need to live in Beverly Hills or NYC to get the benefit of Dr. Blitz’s excellence for their bunion, foot, or ankle surgery. His deep expertise and warm, reassuring style are accessible from around the globe – and his attentive staff is ready to help.

Stunning, state-of-the-art offices in Beverly Hills and NYC.

Beverly Hills Hallway with Amethyst Wing
Beverly Hills Lobby with gold wallpaper
New York City Exam Room
Beverly Hills Front Desk and elevator
Beverly Hills front desk
Amethyst Wing Detail
Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center OR
Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center OR Windows
New York City Dr. Blitz Office
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You deserve to walk
like yourself again.

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