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A good surgical outcome starts with the right patient education.

It’s natural for patients to go into surgery hoping for the best possible results. But with Dr. Blitz, the top foot surgeon in Beverly Hills and NYC, patients play an active role in their own healing. By understanding key elements of what happens before, during, and after their procedure, patients go into surgery feeling confident and prepared – and come out ready to get back on their feet again quickly. 

A clear understanding from start to finish.

Whether the procedure is a simple bunion repair or a complex revision surgery, Dr. Blitz and his staff go out of their way to educate patients on all aspects of their surgery.

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Preparing at Home

Plan for both your home environment and your personal support system.

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About Anesthesia

A better understanding of what happens when you’re asleep.

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Walking Recovery

If your procedure allows a walking recovery, here’s what to know.

Prepare for the Procedure

Creating the space for a successful recovery.

In addition to following all pre-op instructions, one of the best things you can do before your procedure is planning for your recovery.

  • Stock up on easy meals and quick snacks
  • Place your phone and charger near the bed or couch
  • Prepare ice packs and other items needed to elevate and protect your foot
  • Rearrange any furniture that may get in your way
  • Practice using any assistive devices you may need after surgery
  • Fill pain medicine prescriptions before the day of surgery

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Program our number into your phone in case of emergency, and call if you need us. 

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During Your Surgery

Different procedures require different anesthesia.

Whether you have bunion repair, hammertoe, tarsal coalition, or other foot and ankle surgical procedures, you’ll likely need anesthesia. When you have surgery through Dr. Blitz’s Beverly Hills or NYC practices, you’ll have an anesthesiologist no matter what. These are the basic types of anesthesia they may administer:

  • Local with “twilight” Sedation  the foot will be numbed, and you’ll be in a sleep-like state so you won’t feel, hear, or remember the procedure
  • Regional – a popliteal block will numb the leg from the knee down, in conjunction with sedation
  • General – for more complex reconstructive procedures, you’ll be put to sleep for the entire procedure

Dr. Blitz’s Bunionplasty® procedure and The Glamour Toe Procedure® typically use local anesthesia with twilight sedation. If you have questions about anesthesia before your procedure, let us know.

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After You’re Awake

What to know about a walking recovery.

If you’re having the Bunionplasty® procedure or other bunion repair surgery, Dr. Blitz’s revolutionary techniques and patented technology allow for an immediate No Casts No Crutches® walking recovery. In fact, you may be able to walk right away no matter the size of the bunion – or even if you’ve had both feet repaired at once. 

Of course, not all foot surgeries allow for a walking recovery. Whatever the procedure, following post-surgical instructions is critical for a positive outcome and desirable results.

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Dr. Blitz’s dedicated staff will contact your insurance company to help determine your coverage.

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Fly-In Program

Our Fly-In Program makes this top foot surgeon’s care available to patients around the globe.

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