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Dr. Blitz is a surgeon like no other, delighting patients with his empowering approach, revolutionary methods, and excellent outcomes. MDNews named him the Bunion King®, thanks to his minimally invasive Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure and the patented technology he developed to allow a walking recovery after bunion repair surgery. From NYC and Beverly Hills to the many global cities his patients travel from, Dr. Blitz has set a new standard, getting patients back in their favorite shoes – and back to their daily lives.

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Board Certified:
American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery

Dr. Blitz standing in Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center OR

“Movement is the key to the wellness. When my patients start walking right after surgery, they know they’re on their way to a successful recovery.”

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS

“After our telehealth visit, patients have all the info they need, and they’re ready to book their flight. They’re comfortable with me as their surgeon, and excited to get their lives back at last.”

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS

“He took time to explain the procedures and answered all of my questions thoughtfully. I never felt rushed to make a decision or pressured in any way – which was refreshing. I honestly felt like he had my best interests at heart.”

S.B., Telehealth Patient

“I never want money to prevent patients from getting the care they deserve.”

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS

“Dr. Blitz is amazing. My daughter had been suffering for months with pain related to a rare tarsal coalition condition. I was at the end of my rope trying to find a solution for her pain. Seven weeks after the surgery, my daughter is pain free and walking again.”

Diana Hernandez, Mother, Patient

“They’re more than employees. They’re a family. And they care as much about my patients as I do.”

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS

“Dr. Blitz is the most comprehensive and dedicated foot doctor I have met. I researched over a decade, waiting for the US to have more modern bunion treatments, as found overseas. He is the REAL DEAL.”

Paige Panzner-Kozek, Bunion Surgery


A true innovator in minimally invasive bunion surgery.

His patients are thrilled with their experience. His peers are keen to learn his methods. And his profession is reaping the benefits, as this top foot surgeon transforms the practice of bunion repair surgery. That’s the Dr. Blitz difference.

Throughout his career, Dr. Blitz has been working to deliver better care. He saw that the technology for traditional bunion surgery were outdated, requiring weeks of immobilization. So he partnered with a leading orthopedic device manufacturer to create his patented bunion surgery innovations, such as the Contours Lapidus Plating System. These technologies allow him to perform the Bunionplasty® procedure with even greater success. With smaller, more precise incisions, Dr. Blitz can repair even the largest bunions with minimal scarring and a more aesthetically attractive result. 

Dr. Blitz and patient in masks reviewing a model foot


Changing the profession while helping more patients

Dr Blitz uses the methods above not only to get patients back in their Jimmy Choos or Louboutins, but to deliver necessary care to those with severe pain or high-risk conditions. By getting them back on their feet quickly, he’s improved their overall health as well.

His work led to publication of the first study that specifically examines early weight-bearing bunion surgery protocols. Today, Dr. Blitz is bringing his techniques to a wider cross-section of patient populations – and guiding other surgeons to deliver life-changing results.

Dr. Blitz is the leading international expert in minimally invasive bunion surgery.

16k Surgeries

Dr. Blitz has performed thousands of bunion and other foot and ankle surgery procedures.

17+ Years

With more than 17 years of expertise in bunion surgery, he’s renowned in his field.

50+ Global cities

Loyal patients travel from all over the world to receive treatment through his Fly-In program.

Dr. Blitz and patient consulting about foot Bunion pain

Meet Dr. Blitz

About Dr. Blitz

Dr. Blitz earned his doctor of podiatric medicine cum laude from New York College of Podiatric Medicine, completed his residency training at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, and was awarded an AO International Fellowship at Technische Universistat in Dresden, Germany. He is board certified in foot surgery and reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery.

Dr. Blitz is the inventor of patented surgical technology for bunion surgery, and has been widely published in peer-reviewed medical journals and popular news outlets. Dr. Blitz founded the Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center, known simply as “The Golden,” and treats his west coast patients there. His Manhattan practice is on Fifth Avenue across from NYC’s Central Park, and he operates at Lenox Hill hospital, Midtown Surgery Center, and New York Center for Ambulatory Surgery.

Dr. Blitz divides his time between Beverly Hills and NYC, accompanied by his loyal Dalmatians Maddie and Finn – and supported by his even more loyal teams in both locations. Follow Dr. Blitz on Instagram to see them all in action.

Dr. Blitz and staff taking a picture of his pet Dalmatian
Dr. Blitz in the OR during surgery
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Dr. Blitz poses in the Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center
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Bunionplasty® Procedure

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