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Fly in for surgery in style.

You don’t need to live in NYC or Beverly Hills – patients around the world choose Dr. Blitz’s fly-in program for their reconstructive or cosmetic foot surgery, simply because they know he’s the best surgeon for their needs. His well-established telehealth practice makes it easy to share your medical history, consult face-to-face from the comfort of home, and build the trust you need. In fact, once he explains his minimally invasive techniques and leading-edge medical device technology, you’ll be eager to move forward – as quickly as possible.

The Dr. Blitz telehealth difference.

Dr. Blitz has been offering highly informative telehealth consultations for over a decade, connecting with patients from his NYC or Beverly Hills practices. His personal style is warm and reassuring, and his expertise makes it easy to evaluate bunion surgery and other cases – and clearly communicate medical information to his patients. Once they’ve met him virtually and learned about his depth of experience, state-of-the-art techniques, and natural results, patients often decide to travel from across the US and around the globe so Dr. Blitz can perform their bunion repair or other foot and ankle surgery.

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An unmatched range of surgical expertise.

Patients frequently fly to Dr. Blitz for surgeries and conditions including the Bunionplasty® procedure (bunion surgery), tarsal coalition, flat foot surgery, hammer toe surgery, sports injuries and others.

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Get the full Dr. Blitz experience.

Have your surgery performed by the top NYC and Beverly Hills foot surgeon – the one who created the industry-leading bunion procedure and has performed more than 20K surgeries to correct a variety of conditions.

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Positioned to deliver the finest care.

Dr. Blitz maintains private practices on Fifth Avenue in NYC and in the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills. In Manhattan, he operates at several elite hospitals and surgery centers; in California, he operates at his Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center.

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“After our telehealth visit, patients have all the info they need, and they’re ready to book their flight. They’re comfortable with me as their surgeon, and excited to get their lives back at last.”

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS

Fly in to get back on your feet.

1 Dr. Blitz Calendly Telehealth Scheduling Page

Contact Us

There are many ways to contact our office: call, email, or complete a virtual consultation form.

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Photos & Insurance

As part of the process, you’ll send photos of your feet and verify your insurance information. Dr. Blitz’s staff is happy to assist.

3 Telehealth video call with Dr. Blitz

Telehealth Visit

Once Dr. Blitz reviews your images, you’ll “meet” face-to-face. He’ll talk through your case, answer as many questions as you need to ask, and ensure you’re comfortable with the process.

4 Staff reviewing patient documents

Schedule your surgery

Congratulations! You’ve decided on the Dr. Blitz experience. We’ll contact you to schedule your surgery, and we’ll review the procedure, recovery, follow-up care, and insurance coverage.

5 Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center Patient Prep Form

Review your information

After your surgery is scheduled, you’ll receive a packet with pre-operative instructions and consent forms. We’ll also help with hotels, aftercare, and other accommodations.

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Fly to NYC or Beverly Hills

Dr. Blitz’s staff will be happy to provide details on commercial or private airports, along with directions to the office, hospital, or surgery center.

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Meet Dr. Blitz in person

Meet with Dr. Blitz in the office for a detailed visit to discuss your surgery, review postoperative care, and answer any questions.

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Patients generally stay in NYC or Beverly Hills for one (1) to three (3) days after their procedure. Recover in a relaxed setting, with Dr. Blitz and his team nearby for extra peace of mind.

9 Dr. Blitz & patient post-surgery consultation

Follow-up care

With Dr. Blitz as your trusted provider, you can enjoy the ease of telehealth follow-ups. If needed, he’ll coordinate local care through his trusted global network of doctors, until you’re fully healed.

Dr. Blitz in telehealth consultation with patient

Telehealth Visits

Meet with Dr. Blitz from the comfort of home, and enjoy the combination of expertise and efficiency.

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Dr. Blitz’s dedicated staff will contact your insurance company to help determine your coverage.

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