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Bunionplasty Before & After

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Some patients suffer from bunion pain for decades. Others choose bunion repair surgery as soon as they start experiencing the challenges of life with bunions. Explore the gallery of Dr. Blitz’s NYC and Beverly Hills patients, find feet that look like yours, and see the true possibilities that come from taking the first step toward.

Featured Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair procedure reveals:

This is what a No Casts No Crutches™ walking recovery can look like:

1 Patient wearing surgical sandals immediately after bunion surgery on both feet

Day 1

Immediate walking after surgery, in a small surgical sandal.

2 Patient wearing sneakers 6 weeks after surgery

Week 6

Return to walking comfortably in sneakers for longer periods.

3 Patient wearing heels two months after bunion surgery

Month 2

Back to full recreation and wearing high heels if desired.

Dr. Blitz has transformed the lives of patients around the globe, even those who were told their foot problems were irreparable. But thanks to his extensive expertise, it’s possible to enjoy an easy surgery, a fast recovery, and a return to pain-free daily living.

Dr. Blitz in the OR during surgery
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