A minimally invasive surgery for straight, beautiful toes.

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Hammertoe correction, with a plastic surgery result.

The Glamour Toe Procedure® combines the best methods for correcting bent, crooked, or too-long toes with plastic surgery techniques that minimize visible scarring. Simply put, it’s plastic surgery for hammer toes. Dr. Blitz created The Glamour Toe Procedure® to shorten, straighten, or unbuckle unsightly, painful hammer toes.

Thanks to Dr. Blitz’s specialized, minimally invasive techniques, patients are walking in a small surgical sandal immediately after The Glamour Toe Procedure®, even if he corrects a bunion and other toes at the same time. 

Goodbye hammer. Hello glamour.

It’s time for the toes you’ll want to show. Instead of hiding in closed shoes or burying your feet in the sand, bare it all in open-toed shoes and flip flops. The Glamour Toe Procedure® restores your feet – and your confidence. 

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Mild / Moderate

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Mild / Moderate

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Mild / Moderate

Glamour Toe Procedure

There’s no need to live with long, buckled, crooked, or crowded toes.

Whether you call it toe shortening, toe augmentation, or simply a toe job, hammertoe correction generally involves resecting the contracted toe joint. Depending on the severity, small screws or wires are placed to realign the toe. When performing The Glamour Toe Procedure®, Dr. Blitz can even relocate a toe that’s bucked at the ball of the foot.

This is what you can expect as you heal from The Glamour Toe Procedure®:

1 Patient wearing surgical sandals immediately after bunion surgery on both feet

Day 1

Immediate walking after surgery, in a small surgical sandal, even when other foot procedures are performed at the same time.

2 Patient wearing sneakers 6 weeks after surgery

Week 6

Most patients are allowed to return to normal activities and footwear after six weeks, even if hardware is needed.

3 Patient wearing heels two months after bunion surgery

Month 3

By the third month, toes are generally fully healed and swelling has resolved. Patients are excited to show off their new toes.

Restoring function. Enhancing form.

The Glamour Toe Procedure®: A comprehensive approach to Hammertoe Repair

Many of Dr. Blitz’s patients experience hammertoes along with other foot problems. While they can be hereditary, they’re often caused – or made worse – by years of wearing high heels, pointed-toe shoes, or other footwear that crowds the front of the foot. The deformity can appear with age, and if you have bunions or flat feet, you might be predisposed. Bunions in particular can cause hammer toes, when the big toe starts leaning into and crowding the second toe. They can be unsightly at best, or painful and life-impairing at worst. And they typically worsen over time. They also cause corns on the tops of the toes and calluses on the ball of the foot.

Corn Removal

Once Dr. Blitz properly corrects the hammertoe and properly aligns the foot to eliminate rubbing, painful corns resolve.

Minimally Invasive

Tiny and/or hidden incisions using plastic surgery techniques and specialized tools to minimize scarring.

Toe Shortening & Realignment

Balances the foot’s overall appearance and performance, while optimizing stability.

What is a hammertoe?

Uncomfortable, unsightly, and utterly inconvenient.

Sometimes called a claw toe, a hammer toe happens when the toe becomes buckled, contracted, or crooked. They can cause pain on the top or tip of the toe, in the ball of the foot, or both. Pressure from shoes can also lead to the formation of a hardened portion of skin, known as a corn, on the “knuckle” of the toe – in fact, corns or calluses are often the first indication that a patient has a hammertoe. The toe might be irritated, red, warm, or swollen. The pain can be dull and mild, or severe and sharp. And even without pain, hammertoes can make it impossible to wear your favorite shoes.

Left untreated, hammertoes can cause severe deformity and pain.

Bunion severity scale mild to moderate bunion


Abnormal buckling or bending of the toes occurs at the knuckles, especially with long toes.

Bunion severity scale Large Bunion


Buckling and crookedness worsens, with discoloration or corns on the knuckles.

Bunion Severity Scale Severe Bunion


A completely contracted claw-like toe that may be dislocated or overlap adjacent toes.

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While Dr. Blitz is well-known as the Bunion King®, his expertise crosses a wide variety of foot and ankle surgery specialties. In developing The Glamour Toe Procedure®, he combined his leading-edge surgical techniques to streamline the recovery process and deliver the attractive results his patients desire. He continues to advance the standard of care in hammer toe correction, and patients know it. That’s why they travel halfway around the world to have their hammertoes and other foot conditions repaired via his NYC practice or at the Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center, an exquisite, elite outpatient surgical environment custom designed by Dr. Blitz himself.