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Procedures performed by the top foot surgeon in NYC and Beverly Hills.

Board certified in foot surgery and reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery, Dr. Blitz has deep expertise in a variety of surgical procedures that get patients back on their feet quickly. The Bunionplasty® procedure and other approaches to bunion repair surgery are just part of his practice. He has also worked extensively in revision surgery, repairing improperly treated foot and ankle bones, and restoring patients to a healthy life filled with the activities (and footwear) they love.

Patient in surgical sandals walking with Dr. Blitz staff

Bunion Surgery & Minimally Invasive Surgery

“When you can walk out in a small surgical sandal, there’s no reason to put it off.”

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS

Tarsal Coalition Surgery

Tarsal coalition surgery

Restore your range of motion.

To repair abnormal connection across the foot’s bones and joints, Dr. Blitz performs tarsal coalition, talocalcaneal coalition, and calcaneonavicular coalition surgery through his Beverly Hills and NYC practices.

Reconstructive Foot Ankle Surgery

Reconstructive foot & ankle surgery

Healthy feet are possible at last.

Dr. Blitz can correct a variety of congenital, chronic, and degenerative foot conditions, including flat feet, bone spurs, neuromas, arthritis damage, and even polydactyly. He also offers foot fillers and other pain-reducing treatments.

Severe case of Hallux Varus

Revision surgery

You don’t have to live with a bad result.

Failed bunion surgery syndrome, as well as other improperly performed foot procedures, can lead to serious complications like hallux varus, shortened big toe, and others. Dr. Blitz carefully assesses and properly corrects these cases.

Trauma Surgery

Trauma surgery

Trust under challenging circumstances.

In an emergency, a top foot surgeon near major medical centers in NYC or Beverly Hills can make the difference between a full recovery and lifelong complications. Dr. Blitz has performed countless trauma procedures to repair torn Achilles tendons, ankle fractures, and more.

Glamour Toe Procedure


Toes you’ll want to show.

Dr. Blitz’s specialized method incorporates plastic surgery techniques to correct hammertoe, an abnormally bent toe that may cross over others. Patients worldwide seek him out for shortening, straightening, and other aesthetically pleasing results that also eliminate pain.

X-Ray of Big Toe Arthritis

Big toe arthritis surgery

Addressing arthritis, whatever the cause.

While arthritis in the foot impacts each patient differently, milder cases (hallux limitus) can grow more severe (hallux rigudus) if not treated. Dr. Blitz is an expert in a wide variety of techniques, and he works with his patients to select the best one for their medical needs and lifestyle.

Dr. Blitz in surgery performing Lapidus Bunionectomy

Lapidus Bunionectomy

About more traditional bunion procedures.

While the minimally invasive Bunionplasty procedure has made Lapidus methods irrelevant for most of Dr. Blitz’s patients, it’s always good to understand the options.

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