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The best bunion surgeon is just a screen share away.

From his NYC private practice or Beverly Hills offices, Dr. Blitz conducts telehealth consultations in a way that’s secure, accurate, and just as informative as an in-person visit. He puts even the most nervous patients at ease, going out of his way to create a connection and make sure his patients get what they need from the conversation. He’s also happy to consult or provide a second opinion. And should you decide to travel for bunion repair or other foot surgery with Dr. Blitz himself, his trusted staff will walk you through every step.

Get the many benefits of telehealth with Dr. Blitz.

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Whether you’re in another hemisphere or right across town, Dr. Blitz is happy to begin with telehealth visits for your safety, comfort, and convenience.

Dr. Blitz & staff reviewing patient medical history


Although Dr. Blitz requests your medical history, he provides his own expert perspective and delivers a well-informed opinion based on the most modern standards of care.

Dr. Blitz and patient in conversation


Dr. Blitz puts even the most concerned patients at ease, so don’t worry. He’ll let you guide the conversation, and he takes the time to answer all of your questions.

Telehealth video call with Dr. Blitz


Dr. Blitz knows what he’s doing – he’s been performing telehealth visits for years, because patients around the world seek out his expertise.

Before and after image of Bunion Surgery


To help separate the facts from fiction and clear up misinformation around bunion surgery, Dr. Blitz offers the most medically up-to-date insights about your condition.

Neal in conversation with Bunion Surgery patient over telehealth video call


Dr. Blitz uses a variety of tools, methods, and even physical foot models to explain the details of each diagnosis, surgical procedure, and recovery.

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As Dr. Blitz discusses the recovery timeline and outlook, patients get excited – and emotional – to hear that transformation is actually within reach.


The Dr. Blitz telehealth difference.

Dr. Blitz delivers the information and experience all patients deserve, from the moment his staff receives a request for a virtual visit.

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Fill out our form.

Provide basic contact information and any other details you’d like to share before your virtual visit.

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Upload photos of your feet.

Follow the guidelines to take well-lit images that show the problem area in sharp detail—phone cameras work perfectly.

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Prepare to take the next step.

If you decide to move forward with surgery, Dr. Blitz and his staff will help schedule your procedure and provide all the info you need.

Please be advised that any information provided prior to an office visit is for general education purposes and should not be construed as medical care and treatment. As such, all communications prior to an office visit are not intended to create a doctor patient relationship. Should you require medical advice please contact our office to set up an appointment.

Alayna reviewing insurance information with Beverly Hills Bunionplasty patient


Dr. Blitz’s dedicated staff will contact your insurance company to help determine your coverage.

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Fly-In Program

Our Fly-In Program makes this top foot surgeon’s care available to patients around the globe.

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