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Before your no-obligation telehealth consultation, Dr. Blitz will review images of your feet. And if you’d like, his team will be happy to check your insurance coverage.

Phone Number

So we can verify it's you

First, let's see a photo of your feet.

Take a picture of your bare feet while standing. Make sure the image is clear and well lit, as in the example photos.

Next, upload your health insurance card.

If you want to check on your health insurance benefits, our team can verify your coverage. Simply upload one clear photo of the front of your health insurance card, and one clear photo of the back.

Images of your feet will be used for your evaluation only. By uploading images, you consent to their use in determining your eligibility for care. See terms and conditions.

Finally, let us know where you're coming from.

These details will help us verify your insurance coverage, so we can provide you with the smoothest possible experience. See terms and conditions.