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Three Ways to Get Bunion Surgery Without Visible Scars.

Dr. Neal Blitz

“I’m only 26, but I have a bunion that needs surgery. I’m a model and don’t want visible scars on the top of my foot. Is there any way I can avoid scarring after my bunionectomy?”

Many people associate bunions with older patients, but the truth is, people of all ages need bunion surgery. Today, there are newer approaches to bunionectomy – like the Bunionplasty® procedure – that leave little to no scarring after you’ve healed.

If you’re considering bunion surgery but don’t want visible scars, read on.

Learn about different bunion surgery procedures.

If you’re considering bunion surgery, it’s important to do your homework. As you read more about the different approaches to bunionectomy, you’ll learn about different techniques and what kind of scars you can expect.

Scarring after bunion surgery depends on a few different factors, like the size and placement of the incisions, the surgeon’s level of experience, and the way your body heals in general.

Some approaches to bunionectomy are designed for a more attractive result. For example, the Bunionplasty® procedure uses tiny incisions, some of which can be hidden along the inside edge of the foot. Take a look at some Bunionplasty® procedure bunion surgery before and after photos, and you’ll see how attractive the results can be.

Decide when to have your bunion surgery.

Ironically, many people put off bunion surgery because they’re afraid of scarring. But in general, smaller bunions are easier to correct. If you wait until your bunion gets too big or causes complications, your surgeon might prefer to use an older bunionectomy technique that leaves a bigger scar than you’d like.

Of course, having a large or severe bunion doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have a big scar. In fact, the Bunionplasty® procedure can be performed even on severe bunions. If you check out these bunion pictures before and after surgery, you’ll notice that even with an extreme bunion “before,” it’s almost impossible to see any scars after everything’s healed.

Choose the best bunion surgeon for you.

In NYC, Beverly Hills, and around the world, Dr. Blitz is known as the Bunion King® for a reason. He is highly respected by his peers for his minimally invasive bunion surgery techniques. And many of his delighted Bunionplasty® procedure patients go on to recommend him to others because of their attractive results and positive experience.

If you’ve been researching bunionectomy, you’ve seen that there are many surgeons who perform bunion surgery procedures. You might even see some doctors described as “certified” in a particular type of bunion surgery, but it’s important to learn more about them.

As creator of the Bunionplasty® procedure, Dr. Blitz is happy to answer any questions you may have about him or his approach to bunion surgery. He recommends that patients ask about a surgeon’s years of experience, the number of times they’ve performed that procedure, whether their patients have a high rate of complications, and more.

If it’s important to you not to have big scars after bunion surgery, a little education goes a long way.

Updated May 30, 2024

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