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Who is the best bunion surgeon in NYC?

Dr. Neal Blitz

“I’m in desperate need of bunion surgery, and I only want the best bunion surgeon in NYC. Where do I start?”

There’s no doubt about it: patients feel better about their experience when they do their research, educate themselves about bunion surgery, and find the best bunion surgeon – whether in NYC, Beverly Hills, or around the globe.

Meet Dr. Blitz, Bunion King® and creator of the Bunionplasty® Procedure

Dr. Neal Blitz is considered the best bunion surgeon in NYC by patients and colleagues alike. But you don’t have to be in New York to get the benefit of his expertise. Dr. Blitz is founder of the Beverly Hills Golden Surgery Center, an elite outpatient surgical facility where he performs the Bunionplasty® procedure and other approaches to bunion surgery, like lapidus bunionectomy.

Why is Dr. Blitz called the Bunion King®?

Dr. Blitz was named the “Bunion King of New York” by MD News, an award-winning business and practice-management publication for leading physicians and surgeons. Dr. Blitz is the creator of the Bunionplasty® procedure, and became distinguished in bunion surgery after developing a medical implant that revolutionized bunion surgery recovery.

Today, Dr. Blitz’s patented medical devices and patent-pending bunion surgery methods allow patients to walk the same day as their surgery, with no casts or crutches. In fact, many patients walk immediately after their surgery, wearing just a small surgical sandal – even if they’ve had both feet corrected at once. 

When you compare that to traditional bunion surgery approaches that require six weeks in a cast, it’s easy to see why Dr. Blitz is considered the best bunion surgeon in NYC.

What else does Dr. Blitz do besides bunion surgery?

Although Dr. Blitz is known as the Bunion King®, he is a renowned foot and ankle surgeon who performs a variety of procedures – including failed bunion surgery revisions performed by other surgeons. Many of his patients come to him with questions like “why would a lapidus bunionectomy fail?” Dr. Blitz always takes time to explain the complications he sees from other surgeries, like shortened big toe during bunion surgery, or toe drift after bunion surgery. With clear information and a warm, friendly manner, Dr. Blitz ensures his patients are comfortable throughout. 

In addition to bunion surgery of all types, Dr. Blitz performs hammertoe surgery (The Glamour Toe Procedure® for hammer toes), tarsal coalition surgery, big toe arthritis surgery and other big toe procedures, a variety of toe surgery procedures, ant other reconstructive foot and ankle surgeries.

Where can I see Dr. Blitz’s bunion surgery photos?

Over more than 17 years of his career, Dr. Blitz has performed more than 17,000 procedures, and maintains the largest known gallery of bunion surgery before and after pictures. Dr. Blitz’s Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure uses tiny and/or hidden incisions. In addition to correcting the bunion, his Bunionplasty® procedure results in little to no scarring, so the patient’s foot is even more attractive after everything has healed.

How will I know if Dr. Blitz is the best bunion surgeon for me?

You don’t have to travel to NYC or Beverly Hills to find out – patients who are interested in bunion surgery can learn more about Dr. Blitz here. You can even schedule a no-obligation telehealth consultation to meet with Dr. Blitz from the comfort of your home.

Dr. Neal Blitz
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